1000HP Le Mans-inspired GR Super Sport Concept revealed by Toyota

Toyota GR.jpg

Hey peeps, this week has gonna bloody fast and yes you guessed it, more car goodies are coming out of The  Detroit Auto Show in the US of A. Our Japanese cousins over at Toyota's motorsport division took the wraps off a concept car packed with hybrid technology borrowed from their Le Mans racer. They are calling it the GR Super Sport Concept.


The GR bi in the named comes from Toyota's Gazoo Motor Racing division, I kind of like the sound of Gazoo, I find it funny for some reason. Anyway back to telling y'all about the GR Concept. I am told the GR Super Sport Concept conveys an obvious similarity to Toyota's TS050 Hybrid, power comes from the same 2.4-litre twin-turbo hybrid V6 power plant which powered last year's race car to the record-breaking lap round the lemans 24 Hours circuit.  

2.4 litre Twin Turbo

The concept produces a monstrous 986bhp to each of the 4 wheels, as yet, there's no word on performance figures, my guess is this is gonna be one hell of a fast car. 

Before we get too excited though we must remember the GR is simply a concept for now, but Toyota is hoping GR sports technology especially in the hybrid powertrain will filter down into their road-going hybrid cars due out before the end of 2018.

The sports vehicle is predicted to kickstart the iconic Supra moniker and function as a halo version for the GR performance brand. 

1000 horse power Toyota GR.jpg

Toyota isn't the only car firm setting up top-tier motorsport technology to its street automobiles.   Some of you will remember last September, Mercedes AMG unleashed the majorly anticipated its ProJect One hypercar, which, in an identical manner to the GR Super Sports, is powered by a hybrid turbocharged V6 engine based lifted from its championship-winning F1 car. 


James bonds favourite car brand Aston Martin is also using racing technological innovation from its own £2.5m Valkyrie, that has been created by Adrian Newey - the engineering genius behind Red Bull's four f 1 world championship victories.

Think that is about it folks, let me know what you guys think of the GR in the comments bit below. See you all soon!