The New McLaren GT has 620HP and plenty of luggage space

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Greetings car lovers! I have good news, meet the quite possibly the most comfortable yet roomy McLaren GT McLaren has ever birthed from their HQ.

According to McLaren the brand spanking new McLaren GT is the new standard and defines what a GT car should be, in case you don't know what a GT is it is shorthand for Grand Tourer, a car you can take on long trips without sacrificing sportiness for comfort. McLaren are have assured us the new GT car is super light which is good because lightness means more speed thanks to a brand new V8 twin turbo V8 engine, more about engine bits later.

The mixer of light-weight construction techniques, an unmatched interior design never seen before in a GT car from McLaren should equal one hell of a car on paper. In addition to the attributes, the brand-new GT car from the British manufacturer practically provides real supercar feel and handling in a GT car, this also sounds like a world first.

The McLaren GT borrows some of its DNA from the recently unveiled McLaren Speedtail, the GT is officially the 4th brand-new car model to launch in McLaren's 2025 car launch schedule and project.

So who is the McLaren GT for?

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The GT is targeting a totally new audience, the kind of customer who demands supercar characteristics and performance but also expects comfort for long journeys and probably loves to take more than a toothbrush and a comb for those super long trips away. The GT is lighter and quite a bit quicker and more responsive than any other car in its category according to the McLaren boys, again that all sounds like a really good thing.

The car is apparently constructed around what McLaren call a carbon fibre MonoCell II-T Monocoque structure which is said to have extraordinary levels of strength and rigidness, the grand tourer weighs 1,530kgs light. On the rear, there's a 420-litre travel luggage compartment just below a glass tailgate with soft-close function and an optional power opening and closing.

McLaren GT has a huge boot

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McLaren states it actually placed the engine and its exhaust system as low as possible to maximize space available for storage. Another 150-litres of storage space is thoughtfully situated at the front for an overall storage capacity of 570 litres, no McLaren currently has more storage space for your luggage. The 570GT had a minuscule 370 liters, bare enough for a pair of your favourite Y fronts and maybe a sock.

Step inside the cabin, and you'll discover a relaxing interior created for long journeys with comfy electrically adjustable and heated seats. McLaren told us they are specifically enhanced and optimised for long-distance trips with ideal and best in class cushioning and shoulder plus back support.

The interior likewise includes an advanced McLaren infotainment system, ambient lighting, and an optional electrochromic glass roof system rather than the basic glassy black carbon fibre panel. A 12-speaker Bowers & Wilkins premium audio system with carbon fibre subwoofer and Kevlar midrange speakers is an option for the music lovers out there.

To improve the experience in the cabin the driver and his or her guest are treated to a quiet cabin thanks to unique engine mounts which helps to reduce chassis noise and vibrations, the mounts are half as stiff as those found in the McLaren 600LT.

What are the McLaren GT engine specs

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Well as mentioned earlier the GT has new twin 4 Litre Turbo V8 engine which is good for 620 Horsepower and a healthy 630 torques.

On the performance side 0 - 60 comes in just 3.2 seconds.

One headlining feature is the fact that the engine provides 95% of peak torque between 3,000 and 7,250 rpm which comes in really handy when you need the extra woosh to overtake.

The new GT is currently available to order from McLaren dealers around the world starting at $210,000 or around £163,251.90

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