The new Bugatti Chiron Sport costs $3.26 million


Yo everyone here comes another post of awesome from an exciting opening day at the Geneva International Motor Show. earlier today I brought you news of the launch of the Performante Spyder. Now here is new of another unveiling from Bugatti. Today they unveiled the Bugatti Chiron Sport.

At first glance you’ll probably notice that not much really changed from from the standard Chiron which launched a few years ago.

The new Chiron Sport keeps the same engine meaning power has remained unchanged at a monster 1500 horse power. Hard to believe anyone would want more than that. On closer observation a few of you might have noticed a certain number 16 adorning the grill of the sport, that number is significant because it kindly reminds you A W16 cylinder engines powers the car.


With the engine staying unchanged the Bugatti geniuses managed to get slightly more performance by somehow losing 18.14 kilograms which I am told improves poise and balance.

Bugatti also said the Chiron Sport may be your first production car with carbon fibre windscreen wiper arms, the result is a weight saving of 3 lbs.


Beyond that, the Chiron Sport features a handling package that includes revised suspension and steering systems which sharpen the car's responses. The Chiron sport like the regular Chiron can be very well behaved and quite at normal driving speeds but devilishly loud and agile when on track.

The carbon-centric interior is a place of unrivalled beauty, everything is so well put together. Because of the settings available when you want them, Bugatti states Sport finishes the Nardo Ring at Italy five minutes faster than the regular Chiron.

Needless to say, a lighter car means a higher priced car whenever you're speaking about luxury super cars, and the Chiron Sport isn't going to. Hanger this this trend.

At $3.26 million.  (That's about $260,000 significantly more than the price of a normal Chiron.)  At least the paint can be tailored by you.