The Black Panther Drives a Lexus LS 500 F Sport

The Black Panther Drives a Lexus LS 500 F Sport

Hey Y'all, here comes a slightly short car related write-up with a superhero twist.

Car companies the world over have shown us, superheroes totally love cars, for example, Batman we are told totally loves Lamborghini which actually really makes sense when you think about it. Superman well can fly so cars are sorta beneath him, literally actually. One superhero I can't make the car connection with though is The Black Panther,  according to Lexus he is really partial to their car, the Lexus LS 500 F Sport to be exact for when he feels like panthering about the city chasing villains.


Just yesterday (Thursday) a commercial appeared which features the super-hero panthering around and showing villains how Marvel-ous he is.  We then see the Panther jump cat-like into, you guessed it, a Lexus LS 500 F Sport. The question is, does Chadwick Boseman, aka King T'Challa panthering about as  Black Panther make you wanna jump into a Lexus?    My guess is Lexus certainly hopes so, in any case, it works for the movie which hits theatres 2 days after Valentine's day on 16th Feb.


With all things considered Lexus is actually a pleasant enough brand, hopefully, the Black Panther will convince a few to choose their car.


The movie world though does tend to work in the most mysterious of ways. In all honesty, I am still struggling with how a nice but pretty average car like the Nissan Rogue was manifested into a star wars version, seriously think about it for a second.  


That is all peeps, see Y'all on the next post.