The McLaren Senna's 300K exposed carbon option


Rawkus tv has news!! A few months ago McLaren revealed the all-new McLaren Senna, an outrageous monster of a supercar with incredible track manners. With the Geneva motor show just around the corner today they unleashed an all-new carbon theme version, a work of art from their Special Operations arm.


For those interested in the new ultimate series beast and with deep pockets required to buy one I have bad news, all examples are sold so you are very much out of luck. The starting price of a Senna is a lofty £750,000 but not all will cost the same. Why? Well because McLaren Special Operations has opened the doors to options so those lucky enough to be getting one will be able to option their purchase as they please. 

Top of the options list is the new all Carbon Theme. A theme designed to show off the intricate beauty of carbon weave across various panels with inspiration taken from a certain racing driver who the car is named after.

Just in case you wanted to know why the carbon theme is so special well there are 67 pieces in all, and it takes 1000 hours to produce. There is more, those bright yellow details take 250 hrs to apply.  If the yellow and green detailing has got you thinking you might have seen it somewhere before well you are not wrong. F1 fans will probably tell you the yellow and green scheme is very much Ayrton Senna's helmet livery and they would be right. The cue is probably in the name of the car. 


As you'd expect, this type of meticulous attention to detail isn’t paid for with peanuts, you have to pay real expensive money.   McLaren is saying cars commissioned by McLaren Special Operations will require considerably more time to develop and will be on the premium end of the scale.  The bespoke personalisation carried out on the McLaren Senna's Carbon Theme by MSO, for example, adds  £300,000 to the price"  That is basically the price of a reasonably priced house. In total, you will be paying just under £1 million.


MSO hasn't finished with the options yet.  If you prefer your Senna to weigh next to nothing then McLaren MSO will happily put it on a diet by ridding your Senna of Forged alloy wheels and replacing them with carbon fibre alternatives. McLaren states forged alloys are a podgy 7.5kg per wheel without a tyre attached, shaving off a modest 10% of flab can make all the difference especially when you account for 4 wheels. 


Well that is about it for the carbon Senna, looking forward to seeing it in the flesh at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show. McLaren did say they have a bit of a surprise up their sleeve. The mind body and soul are mega excited right about now.