Stealth Black Full Carbon Bugatti Chiron

Hi everyone, I just posted a new video featuring a 1 of 2 full black Bugatti Chiron in the whole world.

The whole story began when popped round to see what cars were parked at the world-famous Dorchester hotel en route to may Fav Starbucks in Mayfair London. On arrival, I noticed a panda spec Huracan Spider, 1 or 2 cars from the Lamborghini Huracan Spider was The stealth black full carbon Bugatti Chiron with Blue accents barricaded behind a rope fence.

Things got even better because right next to the Chiron was a beautiful Porsche 918 Spyder with a Martini Livery, interestingly the 918 Spyder’s license plate read 917, I guess he couldn’t get the 918?

Seeing the cars parked was great but nothing beats seeing them move. As I was about to leave for Starbucks the concierge told me to return at 8 PM if I wanted to see atlas one of the cars moving, that was exactly what I wanted to hear.

After hours of editing at Starbucks I returned to the Dorchester at 7:30 PM and sure enough both the 918 and the Bugatti Chiron were being prepped for departure, secretly I was hoping both cars would be leaving in a convoy, worst case scenario the 918 Spyder would leave instead of the Full Carbon Limited edition Chiron.


Both cars were being prepped because the owner who owns both cars was yet undecided which car to drive out in. As 8 PM ticked closer another phone call came and to my delight, the owner decided the Chiron was the chosen.

After cleaning it was time to fire up that 1500 horsepower W16 Bugatti engine to warm it up to the optimal temperature, the Bugatti Chiron sound was quite an experience. Even more dramatic is how the array of 8 front Chiron lights fire up one after the other mirrored on both sides.

I also took the opportunity to have a quick look inside the Chiron cockpit, the dashboard looked out of this world in terms of design fit and finish as well as the super exotic materials used. There was not a hint of plastic.

One of my favourite things about the dashboard was the fact that the tachometer goes up to 500KPH, how insane is that? The central light strip separating the driver and the passenger was also a memorable design piece.

On the outside just under the doors was a laser projection of Chiron, it looked insane against the pitch blackness of the ground, lastly, I noticed the Bugatti signature on the side of the door. A very nice touch.

Soon after the owner came down from the hotel and got side his magnificent Bugatti and drove off into the night.

I think that is about it, for now, see you on the next instalment.

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