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Porsche Mission E, dream electric supercar is coming

Innocent AdrikoComment
Porsche Mission E, dream electric supercar is coming
Porsche mission e .JPG

Rawkus and Muffy wish you all a Happy Friday Yay!  So over the past few days, The Mission E Concept, a glorious looking sports car which looks a little like a squashed Panamera has stuck in my mind so Muffy and I decided to write about it.

The whole thought process started after seeing the car in the matte white paint with black and white metals and clean detailing, particularly love the full-width LED lighting setup on the gorgeous rear of the car, I happen to also like a similar setup on the Bugatti Chiron.

Mission E light strip.JPG

The interior of the mission is a sci-fi marvel, images of the minority report movie come to mind. Picture ultra futuristic hologram display on the dash, then picture a wave of the hand to control everything with gestures. Now, do you see the minority report bit I was on about earlier? 

Mission E interior.JPG

 With such a futuristic interior it would be a shame if charging the thing took bloody ages, fortunately, Porsche thought of that and made sure you get 80% charge in just a quarter of an hour with their rapid charge technology available in 2019 or a year from now. That is seriously fast charging. In plain English, 80% charge means 250 miles range or 400km if you only speak metric. A full charge gives you 300 miles or 500km of the metric stuff.

Porsche say over 1000 Mission E cars will be built in their Porsche's Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen factory.  A lot of money has been spent, around  $700m on a brand new assembly plant for the creation of electric motors.

Mission E charging.JPG

80% charge for 250 miles

Expect a 2+2 seating arrangement and exemplary comfort which has remained largely unchanged from the unveiling at the Frankfurt auto show in 2015. One interesting bit of news is the Mission E will apparently lap the Nurburgring in under eight minutes.  

Mission E 2+2 seating.JPG

The dual electric motors and clever 4 wheel drive system will propel the Mission E to a Top speed that will exceed 155mph and there is more. A 4 wheel steering system similar to the 911 will add agility not yet seen in a 4 seater, batteries that supply power to the motors will sit as low as possible to optimise for a low centre of gravity.

Mission E all wheel steering.JPG

My heart hopes that the final launch car will look exactly the same as the concept, hopefully, Porsche doesn't change too much and stay faithful to the concept I fell in love with. 

What do you guys think? Do you like the look of the Missio E?