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Ferrari baby sister

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Greetings Y'all! Here comes a quick blog post about the New Ferrari Portofino which I had a chance to see at a recent Ferrari Red carpet event featuring a gang of 10 Portofino.

In case you didn't know the Ferrari Portofino is the sexier way more attractive replacement of Ferrari's entry-level Ferrari called the Ferrari California T, the T bit in the name stands for Turbo for the curious of mind. With your curiosity satisfied here is what I think of the Cali T. Personally, I was never a fan of it, the looks just didn’t do it for me, I am glad to say the Portofino is quite a looker at least to my eyes anyway. What do you guys think from hopefully the sexy pics I've snapped?

In my eyes, the front end of the Portofino is a lot easier on the eye and a lot less Maserati-sh when compared to the Cali T. It's not that I don 't like Maserati my eyes just don't find that era of design sexy. There is also the unsaid stigma which says you only ever really buy a Maserati because you can't afford a real Ferrari, the Cali T looked cheap-ish. The Portofino looks far more modern with added aggression probably helped by the new thinner LED headlights which scream sex appeal. Can I say that about a car?

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Saying the Cali T is an uglier sister to the Portofino would probably be rude but that can be balanced out by the fact that inside the uglier exterior is an awesome engine, all 3.8 litres of it with a Turbo strapped to it. Before you get all snooty eyed just remember the same engine also powers the Ferrari 488 GTB and now the Portofino. I can't talk about horsepower and not talk about torque. Twisting the wheels is a brutish 760 Nm of torque. That is a lot!

Same 3.8L Turbo engine as Portofino

Same 3.8L Turbo engine as Portofino

The fat one

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If the Portofino and Cali T are sisters then the Cali T is the fat sister, the one who ate all the pies and cried her self to sleep daily while stuffing her face with more pies. The Portofino is the sister who only ate the occasional pie and goes to the gym so much so that she is a sexy 80KG less fat than the Cali T. That is really fat isn't it?

Not being fat has its advantages, for example, the Portofino is a bit more nimble on her wheels for a 0 - 60 dash. She only needs 3.2 secs to get there.

But how about my stuff?

Plenty of luggage space with the roof down

Plenty of luggage space with the roof down

Beauty and power is nothing if all you can take on a trip away with hopefully your lady friend is a choice between a pencil and a toothbrush, thankfully the Portofino is quite a bit roomier. There is enough space to carry human-sized luggage for you and your friend for a passion-filled weekend excursion at a destination of your choosing. You can do all this with the roof down, this probably means nothing to you if you call the UK home but the option is there for the 2 days a year the sun decides to bless us with her warm glow.

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