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McLaren MSO X, a road legal race car inspired by the GT4

Innocent AdrikoComment
McLaren MSO X, a road legal race car inspired by the GT4


Hey peeps, Rawkus Tv brings you exciting news from McLaren, and their MSO division. Read on..

When it comes to McLaren it seems the word restraint doesn't really apply to them, they are famous for doing things others dare not to from styling to engine. You only have to look at the recently outed gorgeous McLaren 720s and the wildly controversial looking McLaren Senna to know what I mean.


Now imagine what would happen if the boffins over at McLaren's Special Operations division turned the wheel of bonkers full lock all the way to 11. That is exactly what they did by giving a 570S coupe a McLaren 570S GT4 treatment.


McLaren says Just ten of the MSO-ed race inspired 570s  cars will be manufactured and they are all fully road legal race cars.

The MSO treatment comes Including both special colour-schemes -- each colour is based on a different McLaren endurance racing liveries combined with some serious aerodynamics to put air to good use.


The racy intentions are Most obvious when you look at the pylon-mounted back wing, it is fully-functional instead of a purely aesthetic exercise. The 220 lbs of downforce generated by the wing helps keep the wheels in perfect contact with the road. 

Similarly helpful is that a "gooseneck" carbon fibre roof snorkel thing isn't just there for show, its purpose I am told is to increases something called induction airflow similar to the 1997 F1 GT long-tail.


On the front of the car dip planes, an MSO Titanium Super Sports Exhaust, plus a 560S GT4-style hood filled using specially sculpted air-intakes that work in concert with the roof snorkel and back wing completes the setup. 

McLaren being McLaren doesn't stop there, they lace on 4 Pirelli PZero CORSA tire for good measure making the car even more sure footed. There are lashings of carbon fiber used extensively across the outside of the car from the roof, hood, side stripes, engine cover, and rear bumper. 


With race running through the veins of the MSO-ed 570s the interior is pretty much very racy, for example, the carbon-fibre Monocell two chassis is exposed to remind you of the race-inspired treatment. There is the carbon shell bucket seats and the exposed carbon fibre seals.

When it comes to storage you don't really have much in terms of options but what you do get is a place to keep your race helmet and you would be right in guessing it was made out of carbon fibre. The centre tube storage bin was given its marching orders, instead, the increased carbon fibre centre console from the 570S GT4 has been dropped in its place. 

Three-point seatbelts are thrown in, if you so choose there is a colour-matched harness bar for 6-point racing harnesses if you wanna go all out race mode.

If you still desire modern tech to help you drive your legal race car on the road then tech like parking sensors, rearview cameras, and a vehicle lift system as you'd get on the common garden variety McLaren 570S is just a button away.


If you are feeling a bit hot under the collar then an air condition system included to chill things a bit. Did I mention McLaren also included a Track Telemetry system tech? Well they did, you can now document and show off your racing talents lap after lap to anyone who cares enough to watch.

The burning question is how much faster is the MSO X? Well, the price is still a bit of a mystery but McLaren has said the combo of the new exhaust system and the snorkel mount up top make for a seriously distinctive cockpit sound. 

 Only ten cars have been made, all commissioned by McLaren Newport Beach and produced by McLaren Special Operations.

The first of the 10 examples was delivered to a lucky owner barely a week ago.

That is it peeps, see you on the next post.

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