London, the city of Supercars | New Video

Hey, peeps here is another video which probably confirms London as the city of the supercar. It doesn't matter which time or even month of the year, walk down Sloane, street, Knightsbridge or even Mayfair chances are you will spot at least a supercar or 2 on the streets of London.

In this video, you will see some pretty awesome Lamborghinis including the new Lamborghini Aventador S in beautiful blue, a chrome Aventador Roadster with an insane exhaust and another blue Aventador with custom Capristo exhaust system, see if you can spot it.

The Arab supercar invasion usually kicks off from around June and used to end mid-September to October, to be honest, it just looks like Arab supercar season all the time. Wealthy Arabs often fly their expensive Supercar toys over from Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and many other Arab states. Luxury supercars also come to London from mainland Europe, from Monaco, Switzerland, Germany and more.

If You love Lamborghini then you will love this video as Lamborghinis are pretty much the dominant London Supercar.

Let me know which of the cars featured in this video are your fav.

See you all on the next episode.