Lamborghini Aventador SVJ and Koenigsegg Agera RS MLDay in Geneva

Bonjour from Geneva friends. As some of you might have known I   Was in Geneva for #gims2019, if hashtags aren’t your thing #gims2019 when translated into English actually means The International Geneva Motor show 2019. 

The last day started quite early for me as I was due an interview with Chiro from Petrol Hedonism, due to a cataclysmic mixup the interview didn’t actually happen, double 🙈🙈.

Our flight was at 9 pm in the evening but we had to check out of our interesting air bnb apartment by 11 am. We didn’t want to babysit our luggage all day so so decided to take them to a luggage nursery for a few hours. It turns out Geneva train station had these really cool lockers of various sizes you could leave your luggage in. A very useful feature I wish every train station had.  



Now luggage free it was time to head to an underground car park to see a Koenigsegg Agera RS ML emerge, with me were fellow automotive gear head Known in social circles as and YouTube sensation Supercars on the streets who recently joined the 100K club on YouTube.





Like a well crafted Swiss clock at precisely 9:30 am the egg yolk yellow Koenigsegg Agera RS ML emerged, as you’d expect it was greeted by cameras, lots and lots of them all trying to get that epic shot while blocking mine. The Agera RS stopped at a hotel where the owner promptly opened it up like a transformer so we could all take photos before he drove off once more. 

Agera ML.JPG

After the Koenigsegg experience, I decided to escape the cold and made a b line for one of Geneva’s cutest Cafes called the  Laduree on Quai des Bergues where I could sit down and write a quick blog post. I had what might be the most expensive tea I’ve ever had, I cannot even remember what it was called but it was delicious.

Many hours later I was joined by Instagrammers @Horspower_hunters and @Tfjj, a few minutes after that Charlie bursts into the cafe and asked if I was up for a video shoot with a new Lamborghini Aventador SVJ belonging to @Rana65556, I quickly packed my stuff and out we went. 

Rana's aventador svj.JPG

So RANA is known the world over for his exotic car collection, I first met him in London when I filmed the collection of his than a Lamborghini Aventador Miura homage, 1 of only 50 in the world. This time he added the last Lamborghini in the Aventador series called the SVJ which he picked up the day before in Monaco before driving it 300 miles into Geneva. 

Aventador SVJ.JPG

 We jumped into an Uber and conveyed with the SVJ and a McLaren 570s to our shoot location in a park.

Shortly after arriving we were joined by two more Aventador SVJs, ketchup redone and another in mustard yellow belonging to Alexandre Murreau and a brave Ferrari 458 Speciale of Cars and Coffee. 

3 svj lamborghinis.JPG

After what seemed like the blink of an eye it was time to say goodbye to the amazing supercars as they left the shoot location. We said our goodbyes and jumped in an Uber to the train station where we picked up our luggage from the lockers and trained to Geneva airport to catch our British Airways flight bound for London Gatwick. 

This was a long blog post that I had in mind, I hope it was a good read. See Y'all on the next post! 

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peace out!

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