Full Carbon Bugatti Chiron, Huracan Badger and a man's jacket

Ok, so this episode is a bit weird, thought i'd say that from the outset. What started out as a trip to Maroush for a spot of lunch somehow manifested itself into a Full Carbon Bugatti Chiron, a Huracan Badger, the weirdest rendition of Parkour and other general weirdness.

I also made this video for another reason. A few days ago I got my hands on a new wide angle lens made by a company called Moment for my iPhone 7 plus. The lens in question is an 18mm equivalent in full frame terms and gives the iPhone a very nice wide angle of view. I wanted to include more of the environment in videos shot with the iPhone so I decided to take the iPhone 7 plus and the lens out for a test. I shot everything in the vertical video format as the initial plan was to publish the video on my IGTV channel.

It turns out Youtube also supports vertical video so I published the video on the Rawkus tv youtube channel instead.

A full video review of the lens is in the works, will share that very soon. In the mean time let me know what you guys think of the images in the video and what you think of the new vertical video format.

See you all on the next episode!

Please do share if you like. See you on the next episode which might or might not be a bit weird and vertical.

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