Huracan Performante Spyder is here


Yo peeps! The Geneva Motor Show press day is today and some awesome cars have been unveiled. We are gonna start with the sexy looking Lamborghini Huracan Performante Spyder. 

With the summer hopefully on the way, Lamborghini decided to chop the roof off their track weapon Huracán Performante to make it a Spyder. Think of the new car as the perfect sunbed in some ways, you will be able to top up your tan on your many travels for those not living in the UK.


If you thought the hardcore coupe Performante sounded insane. I can't imagine what the spyder would sound like thrashed through a tunnel. I suspect many moments of cargasms will be had and everyone will be able to see because well no roof.  


For those interested in tech stuff well the chassis retains the combination of aluminium and carbon-fibre. I am glad to report the huge rear wing and downforce vectoring magic is still present. Carbon ceramics still provide brutal stopping power for when you need to stop on a sixpence. 20-inch wheels dressed in P Zero Corsas adorn all four corners of the new car. 


So what are the differences? Well, the spyder is a wee bit heavier, make that 125KG to be exact in dry weight terms. So what does the extra weight mean in terms of speed? The spyder is a little bit slower to 60 than the coupe at 3.1 seconds to 62MPH, that is 0.2 sec slower than the coupe.   0-124mph comes in at 9.3 seconds (0.4 secs down) plus a 201mph top speed (1mph less). 


How about the cost? £30,000 over the Coupe is the answer. What do you guys think? Is it worth the huge jump in price?