FIRST NEW Ferrari 488 Pista driving in London invitation

Yo! Wossup everyone! So a few weeks ago I got a message inviting me and a few social media influencers to the arrival of the first customer Ferrari 488 Pista to London, delivery was at HR Owen Ferrari, also known as Ferrari London.

A little about the new 488 Pista

Ferrari 488 pista rawkus tv.jpg

The new Pista is Ferrari turning the equivalent of a volume dial, in this case, a 488 GTB way past 11. For those not linguistically blessed with the Italian language the Pista bit in the name means track.

Keeping with the track theme the 710 bhp engine of the 488 Pista was borrowed from a 488 Ferrari Challenge track car, add to that 568 lb-ft of torque and you have an absolute beast of a car.

Before we move on here is another crazy number, it turns out the Ferrari Pista can flirt with 62mph in just 2.85sec from zero. Insane isn't it?

About the first Pista in London

Pista 488 Rawkus tv.jpg

So when I did eventually turn up at Ferrari London the Pista Ferrari was just coming off the delivery truck, it was ambushed by an army of a few social influencers such as HorsePower Hunters, TFJJ, Hampshire Photography, Alex Penfold and a few more.

The lucky customer specced his Pista in Rosso Corsa, another Italian word which basically means Racing Red with silver wheels which looked deliciously good. There is a carbon option for the wheels which would also look devilishly good.

Joining the 488 Pista was a yellow 458 Speciale, it was quite surreal seeing the new next to the old. Visually the 488 pista arguably looks the sexier of the 2, but for purists, the Speciale perhaps has the more musical engine thanks to being naturally aspirated. The pista is silenced by turbos to a degree.

A 599 GTO also made a guest appearance with a magnificent V12 engine. A new Portofino was handed over to its new owner, a chap from Dragon's den I was told. A GTC 4 Lusso was also seen lurking about making beautiful noises.

In Closing

It was really good to catch up with everyone but one feeling that would not go away was how dated the beloved Speciale looked next to the Pista, I wasn't expecting the contrast to be that huge. In some ways, it was quite sad but on the flip side, progress can also be beautiful. I would still go for a 458 speciale Aperta though, I mean how could you not?

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