Ferrari P80/C unleashed, the most extreme one off Ferrari yet.

Ferrari_P80_C_shake_down_10.jpgFerrari p80

Yo wossup!

Ferrari seems to be on fire with new announcements at the moment, already this year they gave us the F8 Tributo and today they gave us the very special Ferrari P80/C which they've been working on since 2015. Before you get too excited and flog a Kidney or two I thought I should let you know P80/C is a one-off all carbon fibre masterpiece based on the tried and tested Ferrari 488 GT3.


If you look really really carefully you can see some inspiration of past exotics, the P80 took inspiration from the 1966 Dino 206 S and 330 P3/P4, not a bad place to start right?


Ferrari had a decision to make when choosing the engine to power the P80, apparently, the decision came down to just 50mm. The story goes the P80 was based on the 488 GT3 because the extra 50mm of wheelbase gave more creative freedom, I would say that was the right call. What do you guys think?

With a focus on going bloody fast around a track aero was always gonna be a big part of the overall design, in order to keep the lucky owner out of a ditch a man in a white jacket told me the aero was borrowed from the 488 GT3 but without really annoying and stringent GT3 regulations to deal with.


There is more good news, up front you will find a new front splitter and a redesigned rear diffuser which is said to be 5% more efficient thanks to the un-gagged engine.

Ferrari clearly didn't just take inspiration from past exotics in the Ferrari catalogue but some of you on Instagram have pointed at similarities between the P80 and the Aston Martin Vulcan. I must say I can definitely see a bit of Vulcan there, anyone else agrees? Formula one fanboys might also see a certain T-wing which once adorned the back of F1 cars, it seems Ferrari simply borrowed from the best which isn't bad at all.


Some of my fav things about the P80 are the super thin and aggressive headlights, they can be that thin because this is a track car so regulations for road cars don't apply here. Also, check out the inverted rear windscreen and beautiful louvres on the engine cover. Soooo sexy!

That wrap around the screen is just straight up hot stuff, very Koenigsegg- ish?

How about the flying buttresses that meet by the roofline? A slight but beautiful homage to the 250 LM and the Dino.

I guess its time to talk about performance, the truth is details are a bit sketchy at the moment but here is what I think.


I think or at least hope the P80 will use an un-handicapped variant of the 3.9-litre turbo V8 powering the 488 GT3. As an idea, the 3-time engine of the year found in the 488 GTB, is good for 661bhp my guess is 700hp is possible since the new Tributo has 710hp from pretty much the same engine.


And the lucky owner of this one off car is..... well apparently the person who commissioned the design of the P80 way back in 2015 is incognito. Dam-nit!

How about the cost? Ammm... well no info there either but for comparison a 488 GT3 car costs around £450K, you could get a really good house for that.

Why is it called the Ferrari P80/C? Well because the owner named it that? Are you happy now?

I think that is all, see you soon!

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