Ferrari LaFerrari has a secret wing mode

Hey peeps, so last Saturday Rawkus and Muffy were exclusively invited to the new HR. Owen Classiche certified Ferrari workshop in London. Muffy and I went along to see the exotic beauties they had on show. 

On arriving at the workshop you are greeted by a TDF blue Ferrari 812 SuperFast, the replacement to the iconic Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. I collected by VIP badge and headed into the workshop with Tony who showed me around. My first reaction was Wow! Why? Because as I walked into the workshop, just up front was a mega rare Ferrari 275, you never see this particular classic anywhere. 

The example at the workshop was If my memory serves me right in the movie gone in 60 seconds, in the movie it was red, it now wears a silver paint coat and costs around 3 million pounds.


To the right of the 275 was another super rare exotic, this time a 1 of 6 Ferrari F40 GT which share a room with two F12 TDFs one of which belonged to celebrity super chef Gordon Ramsey who also had a grey Laferrari in the same workshop. The owner of the F40 GT also owned a Laferrari Aperta in a beautiful yellow.

Yellow Laferrari aperta.JPG

Muffy and I decided to start our tour of the workshop with Laferraris with Instagrammer @Horsepower_hunters assuming the role of tour guide, this video highlights the tour.

Be sure to watch carefully as LaFerraris have a rather neat trick involving the rear wing and diffuser.

I would like to thank HR. Owen Ferrari and of course Horse Power Hunters for an amazing day at the workshop. Stay tuned for a second video coming soon featuring Instagrammers @Fasterliving, @Carms, Camile.spot98 and @Skullsandsnaps.

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