Ferrari F8 Tributo Replaces 488 GTB With more Power

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Hey everyone, with the Geneva motors 2019 now just days away Ferrari this morning took the wraps off the new Ferrari F8 Tributo, the replacement to the 488 GTB unveiled way back in 2015.


The F8 Tributo is a powerhouse with 50 more horsepower than the 488 GTB it replaces, to keep all you power hungry junkies happy the total power to tap with your right foot is now a monstrous 720 HP which is a lot. The engine in the new F8 is the most powerful V8 engine ever created according to Ferrari which must be true. Also apparently Turbo lag has been defeated so this new F8 is 100% lag free which is a good thing?


All the power in the world counts for nothing if you are a bit fat and heavy so Ferrari put the F8 on a strict diet of tomato and basil, the result? The F8 is a massive 40 KG lighter than the 488 GTB which translates to a total weight of just 1330 KG of lightness with all the weight saving options screwed on of course.

F8 tribute design language by Rawkus tv.JPG

Less fat means 0-60 just takes 2.9 Seconds which is pretty much faster than anything Usain Bolt could do or most cars for that matter apart from a certain car we are not gonna talk about in this post. Since we are still talking about speed you might also want to know the Tributo maxes out at 211 MPH, that is a full 6 MPH more maxing than the 488 GTB could manage on a good day.


All the talk about power and fat busting is all good but there is more to the new F8 through magic and something called aero the F8 is a full 10% more aero efficient which means those good looks translate to being more slippery through the air, this means you can go faster than before.

Not sure if you guys have noticed it but I sense a change in Ferrari’s design language with the tribute, there is also a slight hint to Ferrari icons of the past, the engine cover on the F8 reminds me of the one found on one of my all-time favourites, the Ferrari F40.

Ferrari F8 Tributo Interior.JPG

There is also a move away from interior design look and feel, the eagle-eyed would have seen round air vents in the cabin of the F8, even more, apparent is the new steering wheel design.

The question is what do you guys think of the F8 Tributo? Do you like it? Will you be at the Geneva 2019 auto show? I hope to see some of you there.

See Y'all on a future post.

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