Ferrari 488 Pista unofficially revealed again


Hey everyone, welcome to leak Tuesday. Some of you will remember a certain video that leaked what we now know is a hardcore version of the Ferrari 488 thanks to Ferrari photo page a few weeks ago. 

Today The Instagram of @ferrariphotopage leaked a Ferrari demo of the new beefed up and more race focused 488. The image seems to show the name of the new car as 488 "Pista" which apparently means trail in Italian which makes sense for a track focused car. 


So the new Pista will be the top model and join other illustrious cars such as the 360 Challenge Stradale which is "road" in Italian, 430 Scuderia which apparently means "team", and one of my favourite cars of all time 458 Speciale, yes it means special which it totally is.   The leak went as far as even revealing the number of horses hiding inside the Pista, there are 721 of them rumoured.  

From the leak, we can see how Ferrari and its team of aero geniuses managed to increased aerodynamic efficiency by 20 percent when compared to the instantly older more plain vanilla 488 GTB.  

488 pista.jpg

Our very distant cousin Autocar says the Pista is geared more toward downforce to the levels created by the Porsche 911 GT 2 at 155 mph, 15 kg significantly more than achieved by the 488 GTB's 340 kilograms.  In the place before hitting the top advantage of a hood carved out with two profound scallops like on the 488 GTB, almost the whole span of the hood over the 488 Pista plunges.  

There are a few notable changes On the back especially around the wing,  below the wing is a more aggressive diffuser.

pista interior.jpg

On the inside the changes if there are any are very minimal, in fact not much seems to have changed if the leaked images are accurate. If you look closer though you might have seen the carbon-fibre floor rather than floor mats, a much skinnier centre tunnel area, and shift selector buttons on a stem styled after the one at the LaFerrari.  

My guess is Ferrari will reveal all to the world at the upcoming  Geneva Motor Show along with full specs. Rawkus and Muffy can't wait!

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