Angry residents mad at loud Lamborghini supercars

London is fast becoming the supercar capital of the world, on any given day plenty of very expensive exotic cars can be seen cruising the streets of the capital.

Every summer wealthy Arabs ship and fly their expensive supercars and hypers over to London, for car enthusiasts, this is pure heaven but for residents of Sloane Street, in particular, this presents a bit of a noise problem.

Over the years there have been numerous clashes between angry people vs supercars, to these people the simple sight of a supercar brings out car rage so intense it goes way beyond the redline.

The question is why are these people angry at supercars? Do these people just hate sports cars? Could it be they are jealous of supercars and their owners? Here is what happened one afternoon as I made my way home via Sloane Street, famous for being the perfect strip to spot supercars.

On my arrival on Sloane Street, not much was happening, there were a few well know car spotters like Thomas who runs a successful youtube channel called Supercars on the streets, and Instagrammers @Abellben @thecarbunny, @Germaniac and sprinklings of some new faces.

It didn’t take long for things to liven up a bit, a glorious red Ferrari F12 TDF (Tour de France) appeared out of nowhere and drove respectfully up Sloane Street, so far so good. An AMG G63 G-wagon joined the party soon after as it was repeatedly driven up and down at pace. That V8 Twin-turbo produced a sound that could only be described as thunderous.

Things got livelier still when 2 loud Lamborghini Aventadors entered the scene and then proceeded to rev their lovely sounding V12 engines as they cruised past us. To be fair the cars were extremely loud, for anyone caught off guard the experience could a scary one apparently, for car enthusiasts though a revving V12 let alone 2 brings out knee trembling cross eyed pleasure, an affliction known as pure cargasm.

As the Loud cars made their way up Sloane street I was approached by 2 ladies who wanted to know what was going on. I explained nothing in particular, supercar owners often just like to drive their cars around London.

Remember the part about the sound being Cargasmic? Not to these ladies, they reffured to the sound as awful, they could not understand why anyone would enjoy listening to the loud supercars. Thought I'd test the water by asking if they liked the sound to which they replied no, one of them added supercars are polluting which is technically true, but I wasn't sure which part she meant. Did she mean noise pollution or gasses wafting out of the loud exhausts? Needless to say, I didn't clarify as it doesn't really matter.

One lady said the sound scared her dog, apparently, it scared her too, you'd think after years of living on Sloane street she would be used to loud car noises by now.

I was asked again if I liked the noise to which I replied it sounds good, that response set of interesting facial responses and genuine shock on the heavily weathered but happy to say makeup-free faces of the 2 lady residents. I added a V12 always sounds good, followed by more extreme horror on the faces of the 2 ladies. They asked if I knew the supercar owners would be driving up and down in circles and if they drove around every Saturday. Again I answered no.

At this point some of you might be thinking these ladies are justified to be angry at supercar owners driving noisily on their street and you would be right. But as with all things there is always a but. In my experience of filming supercars going up and down Sloane Street or London in general a large majority are respectful, I would go as far as to say 99% are respectful of the residents of Sloane Street. There is also the assumption that most of the noisy cars are owned by Arabs which couldn’t be further from from the truth, in fact most of the noise makers are not Arabs and nor are they supercars making the noise. Often modified hot hatches are responsible for the noisiest experience i’ve had on Sloane Street and not one was an Arab.

Thought i’d say the above to add some balance.

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