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All gold Lexus LF 1 Concept car

Innocent AdrikoComment
All gold Lexus LF 1 Concept car

Hey peeps, Rawkus Tv and Muffy bring you another car flavoured announcement straight outta Detroit from Japanese car brand Lexus.

The lid was lifted on the futuristic-looking Lexus LF-1 Limitless concept car at NAIAS or Detroit Auto Show 2018 a few days ago. This car looked very different from anything else unveiled at the show, not because it was "look at me" gold but because it looked like it came from the future. 

I got a bit excited but quickly learned The Lexus LF-1 is just a concept car (Big Sigh)  but Lexus did say it could become a new model on its own right or it could be used as development bed for LX models down the line. Is it just me or does Lexus consistently make some of the best-looking concept cars out there?   

It got a bit emotional in the Lexus LF-1

 Lexus LF-1 concept

Photo: James Lipman /

The story goes LF-1 was actually conceived and birthed in California by Lexus/Toyota's CALTY Design Research team. The aim of the team of brainboxes decided to create a car with usable but advanced technology, their goal from conception was to make a car that was full of imaginative, seamless but usable technology with which the driver and passenger can form an emotional connection for an improved experience. 

Out of this world design

On the design front, The LF-1 has uninterrupted and smooth lines and curves across the body that give it an overall sexy sleek but out of this world look.   At the front part of the car, the new grille is unapologetically bold and large with a sharp design accented by thin LED headlights on either side.  

It has the shape of a coupe-SUV with a very low profile, however, thanks to the glass roof design, there is, even more, headroom inside the car for its four passengers, great news if you are of the tall variety of person.   In the back, a wraparound backlight stretches throughout the tailgate, again hints of the future in this design feature for me.

New giant 22-inch alloy wheels also add an aggressive stance to the car.   Wing mirrors have been chopped off and replaced by 360-degree cameras hinting at self-driving or autonomous talents. Gonna be a bit weird getting used to not looking in the mirror with this one.  

Tell me, how is the LF-1 powered? 

Lexis LF-1 Limitless Concept Car Rawkus tv20.jpg

Powering the car could be a pick between fuel cell which we know parent company Toyota has invested heavily in, or petrol, a hybrid, or all-electric.   Lexus did not say how or what powertrain actually powers the car.  

How about on the inside?

Here is what I know so far about the inside of the LF-1, most of the dials have been replaced with motion-activated control and displays with haptic feedback for that touchy-feely feel.

Your bottom is well looked after with luxury bucket chair design for all passengers and of course designated driver.  Flanking the head up drive display are just two smaller displays that act as the wing mirrors and display feeds straight from the cameras.  

Lexus has also developed a brand new driver mode referred to as 'Chauffeur' which if we are totally honest is really a development of adaptive cruise control.   A new concierge mode is fitted into the middle console,  it enables passengers to do things like order sushi if they are feeling a bit peckish or even book hotels, restaurants and things of that nature. 

Think that is all from Rawkus and Muffy this time. See you on the next post, remember #supercarslivehere, but they also live on my Instagram here  

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