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805HP Supercharged Audi R8 V10 Plus by VF Engineering

Innocent Adriko1 Comment
805HP Supercharged Audi R8 V10 Plus by VF Engineering

Hey, peeps here comes a short video featuring an 805 Horse Power Supercharged Audi R8 V10 Plus with a super loud FI Exhaust system. Here is the backstory to the video.

So a few weeks ago a gent called Nik got in touch about shooting a quick video with customised Audi R8 V10 Plus via DM on Instagram.  We agreed to meet and chat via FaceTime as I wanted to know more about the project. Nik the gent is based in California USA where he owns and runs VF Engineering, a pioneer of Audi and Lamborghini V10 Supercharger systems. They do things like tuning and boost upgrades for AMG, Audi, BMW, Lamborghini, McLaren and Porsche.

R8 V10 plus front grill.jpg

After the Facetime meeting, I learned that Nik had a friend over here in the UK with a supercharged Audi R8 V10 Plus which VF Engineering had worked on. A few weekends ago I met Raj on Sloane Street with is Suzuka R8 V10 Plus and went for a quick shoot at a location based in London's Mayfair, I also wanted to know a little bit more about the car, I was shocked to learn Raj's car had been supercharged from a respectable 610HP to a Mega 805 Horse Power. 


A VF engineering high-pressure fuel pump was also installed to extract as many horses as possible. With all that power Raj wanted more drama so he also had a valve controlled FI Exhaust for times when he wanted to start his car without facing the wrath of his almost completely deaf neighbours. Talking about neighbours we couldn't obviously test that FI Exhaust at our shoot location in Mayfair as we didn't want to scare small children and old ladies with weak hearts. We decided to to do the sensible thing and took the Suzuka grey beast out in the sticks.

Raj r8 whole.jpg

On the way there we couldn't find any tunnels to really hear the FI exhaust sing but we found one or two underpasses where we let the R8 clear its musical throat. The sound was terrifyingly and spine-tinglingly epic!

Raj r8 pass front.jpg

Most of our shoot plans where ruined though because of something called endless rain, there was also the issue of endless traffic where we were forced to wait for an eternity. We finally got to the stick but so did Mr. endless rain and his wife. We decided to make the best of the situation so we filmed the panda spec R8 anyway. There were a few hairy moments as the roads were soaked to hell but thanks to Audi's Quattro system the panda spec R8 handled the situation beautifully. The F1 exhaust sounded heavenly, you could also hear the mechanical whine of the supercharger.


We left the sticks and headed back to London Town and headed straight to a secluded carpark where we wanted to get some still pics and some slow-mo video.

It was far too tempting not to make that V10 scream so we might have squeezed the gas pedal a few times to make the v10 scream. There might also have been some sideways action. How could you not?


We have reached the end of the post, hope you guys like the video and of course hope you enjoyed the not so mini blog post. See you all in the next post and don't forget to add a comment either here or in the comments box on youtube.