£3.4 Million Bugatti Chiron and AMG G63 6X6 delivery on Sloane Street

Young extremely wealthy Arab guy spends £3 million on the world's fastest production car finished in white and carbon, an exotic material used on only the best cars money can buy.

He then spends the change on another even rarer Super off road vehicle called the AMG G3 6x6 G Wagon. The 6X6 part of the name comes from the fact that the G63 has 6 wheels instead of the traditional 4 wheels.

Here are some facts about the Bugatti Chiron you might not know.

All 500 Bugatti Chirons built come with two keys, one key is good for speeds up to a pedestrian  236mph. That 2nd key you are thinking about is actually called the speed key for when you feel like maxing out your £3 million Bugatti Chiron. Could come in hand for a quick get away I suppose. 

So how powerful is the Bugatti chiron then? Well picture a Ferrari 488GTB, then glue 2 of them together and it will still be less powerful than a Bugatti Chiron. The W16 1500 horsepower quad turbo engine in the Chiron is an absolute monster!

So here is another mind blowing fact. When slot in the go faster key in your brand spanking new Chiron. its nostrils will inhale a massive 60,000 litres of air and an ocean load of water (800 litres) if you enjoy units will be pumped through the engine to keep things less hell hot. You wouldn't want that engine melting after splurging £3 million now would you?

Here is one last fact. You'll be chuffed to know just behind the super comfortable seat dressed in the softest of leathers are 2 extremely well crafted quality hooks to hung your jacket. It seams Bugatti thought of everything.

Lifting a special flap on the drivers seat reveals a toilet crafted from an exotic metal. Actually this last fact is pure fiction. 

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