$2.8 Million Apollo IE hypercar hits the streets of Monaco

Hey Y'all, its a been a while since my last post. I went to Top Marques 2018 held in the principality of Monaco One car I wanted to see above all was the amazing $2.8 Million Apollo IE hypercar which hit the streets of Monaco. The Apollo IE which is short for Intensa Emozione is a road legal race car powered by a monstrous  6.3-litre V12 engine. The Apollo IE  sound is incredible thanks to the straight pipe exhaust system.

$2.8 Million Apollo IE hypercar hits the streets of Monaco


Now that you know a little about the car here is how I came to capture it on video. On day 2 of my Tom Marques trip I received a message from Instagram influencer @tazzybabyyy, she said the Apollo IE was going to be leaving the Casino de Monte Carlo where the IE was parked. She advised that I should arrive at 11 AM.

When I got to the Casino there was already a huge crowd around the car, after a quick hello to Tazzy and the man behind Apollo I started filming, a challenge as the crowd was getting larger by the minute.

As I was filming I spotted a familiar face, the Stradman a famous Youtuber was in town vlogging about the Apollo, I had to say a quick hello and chat. The Stradman was just as cool as he is on his youtube channel, another famous social influencer Machetino was also in town.


One thing that struck me while I filmed the Apollo hypercar was just how dramatic it was, especially when the doors went up. I was also struck by how epic the purple carbon looked in the bright Monaco sun. As I worked my way around the back I instantly fell in love with the exhaust tips, they were like nothing I've ever seen before.


The aerodynamic elements and sharp angles just screamed Batman, the Apollo IE needs to and must be Batman's new car. So much cool and drama in the design.

As I was filming I could feel the sense of excitement building around me as the eager crowd were waiting to hear that monstrous V12 engine Roar. Sure enough a few minutes later it did, I almost missed the occasion.

To say the Apollo's sound is loud is a major understatement, I can't remember any other car sounding as monstrous, you could say it was beyond intense.

The day before, I saw the car parked at the Casino, my next goal was to hear that engine followed by seeing it run free on the streets of Monaco, both goals were granted. It was incredible seeing the Apollo actually drive on the road, it had road presence like no other.

Describing what the experience was like in words isn't gonna cut it so just watch the video instead.

Apollo has some seriously big plans for the future, I for one can't wait to see what the future brings.

Big thank you and shout out to @Tazzybabyy, go check her out on Instagram, she drives a mean camo AMG GTS with a naughty sound.

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Here are some more facts about the incredible Apollo IE Hypercar.

  • Intensa Emozione: the Doctrine behind Apollo.  
  • The Apollo IE is a Flagship hyper-car that symbolizes the Ethos of Apollo.  
  • Apollo IE offers a raw, emotional driving experience.  A dramatic vehicle that's a feast for your senses.  
  • A suitable balance of old and new.  You will not find any Turbos or hybrid systems.  
  • Bespoke all carbon-fibre chassis, including front and rear subframes, allows for maximum torsional rigidity, security and the capacity to make a lightweight and aerodynamically efficient shape.  
  • Generates high levels of downforce.  
  • When travelling at 300km/h the Apollo IE generates over 1,350kg of downforce.   
  • The glorious sounding V12 engine producers 780 HP at 9,000 rpm redline and 760 Nm of torque.  
  • There will be just 10 units made.  
  • Prices start at $2,818,177  
  • 0 - 60 at 2.7 seconds  
  • Weight 1,250 kg
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