2 Loud Lamborghini Aventador SV Supercars with custom exhausts


This Video features possible 2 of the loudest Aventador SV supercars in London or atleast I have heard this year. One is an SV Coupe and the other an SV Roadster owned by @haa_Althani with custom exhaust made specifically for his car.  The coupe is also very loud but not sure which exhaust system was fitted.  Video includes very loud startups and acceleration as well as revs. 

Loudest Lamborghini Aventador SV rawkus tv.JPG

Mega Loud 

Is the supercar season ever really over in London? Sometimes I like to take the long way home, on occasions when I do that which is almost every day I like to pass through Mayfair, The Dorchester Hotel, 45 Park Lane and Knightsbridge. Sometimes you see absolutely nothing but sometimes you do catch the odd surprise as I did on this day.

Enjoy the video and catch you guys on the next one.

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